Immersio | IMMER-PROF

VR/AR Laboratories for Technical Institutes – Immersive Museums – Company Training

Immer-PROF is your Virtual Professor, that creates educational experiences in immersive reality, making your training process unique.

VR/AR Laboratories for high schools

In collaboration with the school’s teaching staff, IMMER-PROF teaches, accompanies and entertains the students of technical and scientific institutions, involving them in alternating school-work projects, and more.

Immersive Tourism

Thanks to the collaboration with the Widespread Digital Museums Platform, created by Marco Dal Cielo and Xonne, we use top-notch 3D filming to create digitized experiences that showcase monuments, culture and agri-food around the world.

Company Training

Immer-PROF is the perfect trainer for business processes, work safety, machine operation and personal protective equipment. Safety, efficiency and risk reduction, In collaboration with CNA and LEN Group.

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