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Medical Training – Surgery Assistance in the Operating Room – Patient Care

Virtual and Augmented Reality give considerable help to professionals: safe training, assistance and data collection in the operating room, alongside patients in critical situations.

Invasive Surgery Training

Thanks to these immersive experiences, the training of surgeons and invasive surgery specialists can be optimised – letting the doctor operate safely, without fear of making a mistake.  Thanks to the interactions programmed into Virtual Reality, the assimilation of steps and protocols is simpler, and the memory more persistent. This allows you to experiment with risk scenarios and make sure you’re as prepared as you can be.

Assistance in the Operating Room

Virtual & Augmented reality combine to deliver a double purpose: working beside the surgeon, collecting data in real time during the operation, and training professionals in such complex disciplines as neurosurgery.

Patient Care

Virtual Reality is, above all, an exciting experience, that lets your mind travel, and enjoy stand-out sensory engagement that you’ll never forget.  High-quality immersive experiences allow you to reduce states of anxiety and pain, and help professionals give emotional support to patients, in particular, states of their illness.

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